13 million Xiaomi Redmi 2 and Redmi 2A units sold in 5 months

Xiaomi, the emerging smartphone manufacturing company form China has claimed a remarkable sale from its Redmi 2 and Redmi 2A devices in first quarter of this year. According to a report published on the famous social media of China the Weibo, the CEO of the Xiaomi celebrated the combined sale of 13 million units from its both devices.

The sale was met in the first five months of current year which shows the speedy growth of the company which started emerging within years. With this fresh achievement the Xiaomi registered total of 6 devices among the smartphones which have sold out over 10 million units. The increasing list of high return smartphone is a good sign for the Chinese manufacturer.

Xiaomi has cleared its way as the top domestic manufacturer in the Chinese smartphone market after a hard struggle. Recently conducted surveys listed it just behind the Apple in the Chinese market for the first quarter of the year. The company is also working hard in other sectors for smart good to not only expend its business but also to strengthen the roots in the smartphone market.

Apart from the Apple with its unique product profile and business which has deep rooted in the smartphone market, the Xiaomi has almost cleared out all other competition in the local market. It is also noteworthy that the Chinese smartphone market is the largest market, providing space for companies like Xiaomi to flourish and compete with the giants. Samsung is among the top rivals who are affected the most by the aggressive strategy of Xiaomi.

Apart from the good business from the Redmi 2A, the company reduced its prices a week back. This initiative also put its weight to take the sale very high for the device. The prices of Redmi 2A were lowered by 20% getting to the lowest range at $80. The lower prices were as much attractive that the consumers in China recorded a purchase of 200,000 devices within hours.

Source: PhoneArena

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