2015 Google LG Nexus 5x rumor round-up

How will the new LG Nexus 5x device look officially is yet not confirmed as they are left to get rumored more. Thus channels with their sensible leaks and rumors are active for the interested smartphone enthusiasts. Without official stamps the details out the days explain much about upcoming Nexus devices which are expected in a pair.

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According to details collected the pair of new Nexus will arrive with tags of Huawei and Google. The Huawei made Nexus is said to be a phablet with 5.7inch large display. The second one the LG tag will be a 5.2inch standard smartphone. Here we are going to get a round up to Nexus 5x 2015 expected with LG tag.

LG Nexus 5x

LG Nexus 5x Specifications

With usual display options the LG backed Nexus 5x 2015 will bring many new and nice features. The Nexus 5 is expected with front speakers, fingerprint scanners and Type-C USB port as the key features. With these additions the device will not only get a nice outlook but also value in functions. The device is rumors to be named as LG Nexus 5 or Nexus 5X with extra features.

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LG Nexus 5x is expected to be a nice addition in already stylish smartphones. The front facing speakers are now going to add more style. The design concept is also going to feature a combo of black and white with magnificent looks. In addition we may get some improvements over its covering with either plastic or metallic feel.

Nexus 5x 2015 is reported to be the successor of the current Nexus 5 which is also produced by LG. Thus, again with the LG tag this year’s Nexus 5x is also expected with several resemblances. But we can exclude the improvements which are sought in weight and body build. Though the next Nexus is expected soon yet we have time to get some solid and official info.

LG Nexus 5

Android 6.0 Marshmallow & Android Pay

If Android remains among the key areas of expertise for Google, then Nexus its name in the smartphone market. And we have seen both Android OS and Nexus smartphones moving side by side. Like previous exercises this time again we expect new Nexus 5x smartphone to come with the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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This year’s Nexus 5x smartphones, which are yet to be confirmed, are in the pipeline. Following the details rumors about upcoming Nexus devices they will bring the latest features on board. Thus it is beyond expectations if they will miss the widely praised features of new Android Marshmallow.

Android Pay is available now

As we have discussed recently about the upcoming Google concept over the Nexus 5, they will come with some stunning features. The improved fingerprint scanner front speakers and others are going to make it powerful. Thus we can judge equally powerful operating system inside. And the level is to be attained by nothing else than the Android Marshmallow.

Heaving an eye on to the features of Android Marshmallow what we find at the top is Android Pay. The mobile payment system by Android is made in accordance to its emerging market position. Thus we have needed the devices with upgraded features to run with Android Pay. And we have reported recently, the upcoming Nexus devices are going to carry everything upgraded, including support for Android Pay.

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The upgrades on Nexus devices that are required for better use of Android Pay are mostly concerned with the fingerprint scanners. And this is going to be the key upgraded parts. Thus with many amazing features and updates of Android Marshmallow new Nexus device will represent Google’s mobile Payment concept. The joint experience of OS and device may bring us an exclusive result. Yet we are waiting for official details of Nexus 2015 smartphones which may assist us for more assessments.

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