3 million Apple Watch sales predicted

While Apple is busy making its financial results for this year we will have a look at the performance of the Apple Watch. This year’s report will add the sale of Apple Watch for the first time.

The company is however not set to report the sale figures but it will give enough insight into the performance of the device. Right now we have some estimation and predictions which are seem accurate considering fresh statistics. The analysis suggests a considerable sale for the exceptional device in the market.

Fresh estimation suggests that 3 million units of the Apple Watch were sold out in the second quarter of this year. This is not bad anyway but slightly down as compared to the estimations made earlier. According to a prior estimation the Apple Watch was expected to sell out it least 3.9 million units in the same period.

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This estimation is however not that disappointing at the time but for a long time investors do express concerns. From the investors point of view the Watch is not doing its best that may bring some long term opportunities for them. In this regard the investors have considered many short term inabilities of the device which may bring more disappointment in near future.

Since the arrival of the Watch in the markets Apple has been facing issues with its supply. The unavailability of the Watch has also been reported in the key retail store since then. This issue has not only limited the early same of the Watch but also now the investors are considering its effects on the future business.

Despite the concerns there are analyses of Apple business that suggest the device to do well in the remaining portion of this year and also in the next year. Yet a quarter to go, about 12 million unit sale is expected this year and over 40 million next year.

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