36 million Apple Watch units to be sold this year

The famed Apple Watch faces a disappointing supply pinch which is producing some unpleasant estimations regarding its future sale. Considering data from first 12 months of its sale, Apple could sell out 36 million of its watch against the expected 50 million sales. Analyses mostly blame the Apple’s supply chain for its high class Apple Watches. The statistics could have improved if the company could manage a better supply chain for its smart watch.

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Contrasting to the Apple moves, the smart watch market have been very active in recent years. As various statistics show that last year the smart watch market meet a sale of 4.6 million devices of different vendors. The most of it is contributed by Samsung’s smart watch the Gear S and many other Android running watches from LG and Motorola.

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Apart from this considerable sale jointly met by other key vendors, Apple has gained an exclusive position in the smart watch market with its Apple Watch. The way Apple has attracted the smart watch users to its Apple Watch, no other vendors yet been able to do the same. All credit goes to Apple marketing campaign. Here is worth noting that Apple spent some $38 million alone on TV Ads of Apple Watch in one month as compared to $42 million TV ads for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus spent in various months.

Apple Watch Sport bands are available in stores

The current supply factory is not a new phenomenon for Apple. In the smartphone and tablet market the demand exceed supply has been a familiar experience whenever company launched a new product. But unlike the past experience, with the Apple watch this case may cost Apple in term of sale. As analysis suggests a large number of expected customers may turn away as Apple slow down supply of its Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch first announced for Sale in April but soon it was back-ordered with new delivery promises in June and July. Apart from this stretch in delivery dates the number of sale were not revealed. Also there has not been any info that for how long the company is intended to keep its customers on wait.

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Although some good news are also hitting as Apple Watch Edition has been started delivering to those who pre-ordered it one month earlier and the Apple Watch bands are also available in stores for replacements. Similarly for some Apple Watch Sport models, the shipping date is now showing June instead of July.

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