Have a look at 3D Camera App 3DAround

Well If you love photography, idea of taking 360 degree pictures will be a fun for you and if you get this facility on your smartphone, you are just going to love it more.

Dacuda is going to launch its iPhone App 3DAround for iOS 8 users with iPhone 5 or a newer version. This app lets you take pictures of an object from different positions and then converts it into a 3D images.

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Dacuda launched its famous PocketScan wireless pocket size scanner with which you can scan your documents easilly without using big size scanners at all. Now they are going to launch thier 3D app which will make a big difference for photography fans, especially those who use thier smartphones for taking most of the pictures.

Watch the video review of this wonderful app and wait for next month when this app will be launched officially.

Watch the preview of PocketScan Scanner here.

Source : TechCrunch

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