3D Videos and more changes to the YouTube are expected this year

YouTube is under a process of many changes this year including 3D videos with 360 view, says YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addressing the conference of Online Video Industry and told there will be more changes to YouTube later this year.

The changes to YouTube are related to quality of videos, in near future the YouTube users would be able to watch 3D videos with 360 degree view which gives videos a third degree effect. YouTube is going to bring one more change for Android users, where Android users will have the facility to watch a video in full screen recorded with vertical position of mobile’s screen.

Along with these changes to YouTube, there will be more changes for a person who wants to upload a video, for video uploading there will be more tools for their assistance which enable you to trim a video, use different songs as background music ant the utilize filters.

YouTube CEO further said that we are not changing YouTube only from single aspect; we are changing it from all aspects where a change is felt necessary, that will be implemented as soon as possible.

By the passage of time technology is improving, and day by day we see new technology in markets, particularly the smartphone technology brought a revolution in technology from its aspects, software and hardware. In order to be compatible with each type of handset, it becomes very necessary to bring changes in YouTube.

YouTube is not just a medium of uploading videos; it is a platform of expression, where everyone in world has given a right to express oneself in videos, but videos of users choice, where a user get lots of tools for uploading a video, lots of features particularly for smartphones which use wonderful operating systems like Android, iOS and Tizen, said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Source: CNET

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