7 million Apple Watch units shipped so far: Report

Since the arrival of Apple Watch, Apple seems dominating the emerging smartwatch market from many aspects. Fresh report analyzing the performance of the Apple Watch shows it is beating other competitor in the market all alone. According to the report the Apple Watch has been shifted to about 7millioin users in a record time. Let’s find out how Apple made it.

The reports emerged from the observations of the Canalys, the analytics’ firm that deals with statistics. According to the Canalys nearly 7million Apple Watch units have been shipped since the Watch made it to the market early this year. This puts the watch on a shipment mark higher than the combined shipment of other competing smartwatches in the market.

The comparative stats are overwhelming as against the 7million Apple Watch units no other brand was recorded crossing even the mark of 300,000 units. It was only the Pebble that was observed shipping about 200,000 units recently. The Pebble Time Steel takes credit for the surge in the company’s shipment that seems making a difference. Against all these development the Android wear by Samsung was found dropping down the shipments as compared with last year.

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Though the shipment doesn’t means the actual sale of the device but still it is a good indicator that helps calculating the expected performance. With the shipment numbers we can get an idea about units shipped for sale. The actual performance can however be calculated via the official stats hold by the company.

As it been the case with Apple, the urge for official sale statistics of the Apple Watch never came out easily. Apple has showed a reluctant response in this regard showing details in varying categories instead of showing Apple Watch sales directly. However we can get a closer idea by the Canalys’ report comprising past data decisively.

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