How to Add Official Team Kits in Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2016


PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 which is a world famous simulation game of football. It is also named as winning Eleven 2016 in Japan. The developers of this game are PES productions. The PES game is the fifteenth edition of this series and this game has been published to be used by Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Konami has done a great job for publishing this game.

The cover of the game is showing the picture of a professional football player named Neymar Jr who belongs to Barcelona. He is wearing a yellow color kit which represents the Brazillian team color. PES has successfully completed its 20 years of producing such fabulous football games. This game was previously called World Soccer Winning Eleven but now it has a new name Pro Evolution Soccer.

Key Features Of PES 2016

The game has new exciting features , graphics and stadiums to enjoy a challenging real like game of football. There are following eleven stadiums included in the game :
Allianz Arena, Arena Corinthians, Beira-Rio, Juventus Stadium, Maracanã, Mineirão, Morumbi, Old Trafford, San Siro, Vila Belmiro, St. Jakob-Park.

The Pro Evolution Soccer has received a tremendous applause and reception so far during 2015. It has been rated 9.5 out of 10 so far. The thrilling nature of the game is very exciting. Nice graphics and animations makes it truly wonderful to play. There are goal keepers, players and defenders are easy to control and provide real life football experience.

The improvement in other features like goalkeeper moves have been significantly made in the PES 2016 edition. For example in PES 2014, the goal keeper was not able to stop many moves and felt like a weak goal saver in the team. However the most kicks and shots worked amazingly well, goalkeeper really needed much improvement in his strengths.

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The beautiful championship cup of trophy is presented to the winning team. Team standings and performances reveal detailed performance of the good and bad players. Again some practice is needed in order to master the game, it is recommended to stick with your team for a few days so that all the players you are playing with are well known to you.

The PES Striker 2016

How To Add Team Kits

The essential requirement is to add the official badges and kits of the teams in the PES 2016. This can be done online through the internet. There are many locations on the internet where you can accomplish this task.

The really simple method to get this accomplished is to import your image files to your console or your computer, whichever is used to play the game.

To add team kits and badges is quite simple however the method we are going to look at does not support Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox. This method is only supported by PS3 and PS4.

It is recommended to make available a USB drive before proceeding to perform this action in simple steps. The USB should be formatted with the FAT32 or exFAT file system. The next step is to ensure the availability of these kits which can be downloaded from a website called “PES World”. Once this done, perform the following steps:

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1. Open your USB drive which you already formatted and create a new folder in it. The name you should give to the new folder is WEPES.

2. Select the files you just downloaded from the PES World websites for the kits, copy then and paste them into the folder WEPES.

3. Now turn on your PS4 or PS3 and insert the USB drive into the slot. Start the PES 2016 and go to the Edit Mode.

4. Make sure that your usb is plugged in properly and detected.Now the next step is to go into the import images and copy all the files present in your USB.

5. You are still in the edit mode, stay there and go to teams. In the teams you will find Strip option.

6. Here you will be able to see the Home option, once in the Home you will see the Away option, select that and proceed to the Keeper Kits option. There you will find a square button, now add another kit which will be your third kit by using this button.

7. Now the final steps begin, locate the kit you want to change and after selecting it, use the option paste image. Find the kit you have imported and select one with your heart’s desire.

8. Repeat the same steps over and over again and add the official badges and crests.

This is pretty much all your are going to need in order to make your team working according to your choice.

Pro Evolution Soccer Tropphies 2016

The Method For Xbox

The method explained above is quite simple but is not affective when you are using Xbox But there is a to accomplish that also, so there is no need to worry.You are going to find a tool called the “Kit Converter”. By using this tool, it is possible to add the kit to Xbox 360. Basically it functions in a simple way. It converts the kits from PS3/PC to Xbox 360.

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In addition to the Kit Converter, you can edit the kit files manually also and accomplish this task.The kits will look very much the same as the Konami official kits in the game. However the custom balls and some other features are not available. One thing to mention is that with the windows 10 operating system out in the market now, this will give the game developers a new venture in order to further make changes according to the Microsoft technologies. However some time will be taken by windows 10 to flood the personal computers of the normal users. It is relatively new at this time.

Therefore the new exciting game is on its way to make entertain a large number of football lovers out there. And many game developers are constantly researching new methods and ways to add and edit new kits to your PES 2016. Staying up to date online is a good way to keep your knowledge updated about the new possibilities emerging about the game.

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