Alleged pictures of HTC Aero appear, horribly similar to iPhone 6

As reports suggested HTC is expected to bring its smartphone the HTC Aero in the market in this season may be at IFA in next month. The device yet exists in the reports and speculations without any official release. Recently we had some leaked snaps that were reportedly of the HTC Aero. The pictures show a back banned that was much similar to that of Apple iPhone 6. The image was reported fake by some sources but fresh leaks pointed toward the same concept.

It seems that the picture which is not any official was design according to the concept of the HTC Aero. But it was detailed enough to give us an insight. Now we have some more pics that show that the HTC Aero would arrive in the same outlook.


Several sources reported the leaked images as snaps of the original Aero smartphone. But instead of iPhone 6 the images show the device with a matching concept of HTC One. Thus the rear side may slightly match with the iPhone 6 which is actually a continuity of the HTC One concept. The same design concept was adopted in the One M7 and One M8.


Though there is much ground to accept the picture as the original HTC Aero but still it should be considered as early. Similar to last images that were rejected by most as edited current images also first appeared from the same source. Both were reported first on the Chinese famous Weibo. Thus we need to wait for a much reliable source to bring some concrete leaks about the upcoming HTC device.

The HTC Aero or the A9 as it is dubbed by many is calculated to arrive in the market with a large 5.5 inch display. Inside the device is sought to be powerful with 4GB RAM and MediaTek SoC. The camera is also expected to be exceptionally high but no details are out yet.

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