Amazon brings Sony Xperia C4 in US market

Sony Xperia C4 clears its way to the global market this month after making the Xperia lover to wait for a little long. However when the Sony Xperia C4 was reaching the markets globally Sony was quite regarding the US market. But the silence was temporary as Amazon carries the device to the US market. The device is still not selling out officially but you can take one from Amazon without any trouble.

At Amazon you can order your Xperia C4 today with color options and good price tag. For instance, for the US customers it is made available in black and white colors while prices are set at $379. Though the details show it as usual arrival but there are some compulsions.

As the device is not available official you will not be able to get the US LTE on the Xperia you will purchase from the Amazon. Instead of US version you will get an international version which is unlocked to operate in the US with some other connectivity options. Also the device is compatible with other carrier over 3G bands including the AT&T and T-Mobile.

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Let’s have a glance over the features included by Sony in the Xperia C4 which you will get at the Amazon in the US. As we have experienced in the promo of the Xperia C4 it mainly focused on the wide angel selfie camera which comes with 5 megapixels. There is also a soft LED flesh that gives its camera a natural light effect with clear snaps.


Apart from the selfie camera there is also much more internally. You will also get a Sony special 13megapixel camera onits rear. Its display is set at 5.5inch which is joined internally by some nice spaces. There you find an octa-core MediaTek processor backed by RAM of 2GB and expendable storage of 16 GB. You can also read the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Specs.

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