Amazon’s Black Friday Sale Kicks Off November 20 With Chromebooks, Kindle Tablets And More

Finally Amazon’s announces the Black Friday sale that will last through the week starting from this Friday on November 20. As announced, there will be ‘a new deal after every five minutes’ which will bring you almost everything on the shelves until the Black Friday. In addition Amazon has ten special deals to offer on Thanksgiving Day and ten others to close the sale week on the day of Black Friday.


Black Friday

Though the deals cover its all shoppers but there are many additional offers for the Prime members. For instance the prime members are pulled to the front of the line 30 minutes before other shoppers. Also prime members in some areas can take advantage of two-hour delivery service, dubbed as Prime Now on Thanksgiving Day.

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There are a number of exclusive deals with some attractive bonuses for the mobile shoppers. Users can avail these exclusive deals over the Mobile shopping app of Amazon on their iOS, Fire OS and Android smartphones. After getting the app on your device you can find the ‘App Only Deals.’ Starting on Thanksgiving, Amazon will release exclusives deals on the app from 3pm to 11pm pacific time.

Amazon Black Friday

For this sale week Amazon has also introduced the Watch A Deal service. On the Amazon mobile shopping app you can pick any deal before the event and as they arrive for sale you will get a notification. Thus you don’t need to stick to your device for your selected deals, just pick them and let Amazon inform you when to get delivery.

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The event brings tons of discounts and some of them are mentioned by Amazon in its press release about the event. There are a number of Google related products available at discount as well with many others. You can check out the list of selected discounted products mentioned by Amazon.

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