Android One in Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka

In September 2014 Google launched Android One in India, Now it is going to expand it across the orders of India into to the neighboring countries like Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. As the fresh announcement made by Google says, it will bring Android One to these countries in weeks.

According to Google, the September launch of Android One in India was an initiative to make its high-quality smartphones easy to get by as many people as possible. In last few months, the device have been rolling out for sale online and in stores in Indian. And last week, Google’s partner Spice launched another Android One phone which is made specifically for Hindi speaking smartphone users. Considering the growing popularity of Android One in India, now they are taking another step forward. Sooner the Android One devices will be available for sale in Indian neighboring countries. With these moves Android One device will be available to a population of over 200 million which constitute a considerable number of smartphone market.
android one 2
According to Google, a wide range of manufacturers and network partners in these countries such as Banglalink will take the initiative to sell Android One smartphones. Google suggests that the local mobile maker of Bangladesh “Symphony” will launch the first Android One phone as the Symphony Roar A50. Google also suggest that Karbon, Spice and Micromax will also make Android One devices for Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. With all these devices people will have a high quality mobile experience on affordable price.
Android One is a standard device which is revealed at Google I/O last summer. Google Senior VP Sundar Pichai claimed using an Android One phone as his daily driver from the time the program was launched and was also pleased with it.

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hopefully current and fresh smartphone users in Srilanka, Bangladesh and Nepal will be pleased hearing this. For these countries the Android One smartphones will be available in within weeks but their another neighboring smartphone market in Pakistan still have to wait. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.