Android M Theme engine comes with surprises

Sources close to Google recently pointed out toward the many surprises by Android M Developer theme engine for its users. We have seen the emerging changes adopted by the smartphones makers to facilitate its users and to survive in the market. Similarly, Google is improving the quality of its Android M theme engines with new tools for creating attractive themes for its users.

Though Google has already been providing many tools for developing nice themes but this time the theme engine comes with the goodies of Android M. The Android M developers represent the theme engine with Macadamia Nut Cookie. This is considered the newest technology in the theme engine with a full blown interface.

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Initially Android M was using Run-time Resource Overlays (RRO) of Sony Company, but now it is witnessed with some adaptations. Improvements in the system of theme express the advanced approach of the Google team. The team always remains ready to bring the changes for their users.

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There are many changes in the way for the Android M as the developers start producing the results. The certain changes are expected in the Google API. This will bring new features and more efficiency to the system. Developers have pursued the culture of enhancing Google’s experiences and now it is more effective with surprising features in its theme engine.

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For the improvement of its services and application, Google always welcome the feedback of users. This has made the Android M the best and the most used mobile operating system. As we have the updated versions of the Android OS time by time we may also expect much more by the Google in near future. At this time Google has engaged its users with the surprising features of the Android M and reports also suggest more launches in upcoming years. This means a prevailing upgraded environment for the Android users.

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