Android malware surfaced, can erase your device data remotely

A malware has been spotted attacking a number of Android smartphones to steal users’ data and eventually wipe out their device. The malware is reportedly circulating worldwide in the form of a text message. The message is being sent out to random Android phones with a malicious link which suggest that you have got a multimedia message which need to be downloaded. The link if followed will give the attackers complete access to the Android device where they can read your data and can do to your device whatever they want.

According to the details about the malware which has been identified as ‘Mazar Android BOT’ upon clicking the link TOR will be retrieved and installed on your Android device via a legitimate TOR download URL. The TOR will then be unpacked automatically and will connect to specific server to send a message, further spreading the malware.

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As noticed on the attacked phones, the malware gives complete control of your Android phone to the attackers. Therefore, you will lose your privacy and important data which you would never want to compromise. Therefore, make sure that you don’t open any random link on any suspicious MMS on your Android device.

As Android security researchers have noticed, the Android users who have their device’s language set to Russian have escaped the malware attack. Therefore, you can also take up certain measures if you don’t want to be among the victims of the so called ‘Mazar Android BOT.’

Google itself gives much protection on your Android device which remains in effect if you have not allowed app installation from unknown sources. Google ensures measures on its Play Store to keep the malicious software away from users. But, if you have recently installed any application from unknown sources then you are probably vulnerable to the malware.

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