Android Marshmallow quick start guide is now available on Google Play Store

Following the path of success the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow came up with even more for Android lovers. Many upgrades and new features make the Marshmallow a worth exploring Android version. And to explore the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow here is a quick start guide for you. No matter if you are an existing user or stay among expectant the quick start guide make you familiar with it. Here let’s find more about it.

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow quick start guide is made available on the Google Play Store for both existing and future users. Though the Android Marshmallow carries its own secrets but what we find in its guide is a little less than the excitement with the lollipop version. The Lollipop was marked as a shift into Android’s users interface thus changes were visible at the first glance.

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Therefore, standing over an already successful and admired interface the Marshmallow is actually a good upgrade. Thus counting the upgraded features we find it exploring much about the possibilities with the Android OS. This is what actually you find on the quick start guide.

The few features that may catch your eyes include its more integrated app environment. It actually gives you context-specific content that makes each of its content respond according to the context. For instance, if you get info about a particular place in your chat you don’t need to look for it in another app. Instead you what you need to do is to long press the place mark and it will lead you to info in the same app.

Heaving a brief look on the quick guide we find it informative and helping out understanding the new colors of the Android world. Existing users can also find many areas of Android Marshmallow which they might have been unaware of. Thus download it from the Google Play store for free and know your OS a completely.

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