Android N will bring more new style of notifications and fresh screen designs

The next Android version, most likely the Android N is just ahead, and with new version there are some key changes which will come up giving the popular OS an entirely new feel. And as per the fresh reports one of the key area to observe basic changes will be the notifications.

Here we got images of the Android N and its new concept of notification area which reveals new style and much more beyond the new looks. The new notifications will include additional info and redefined quick settings providing you a little more options on a single sweep.

nexus2cee_2016-02-29-18.58.42-329x585 android n

As per the fresh leaked images the notification area on the Android N will be stretched to full width. With each notification you will also get the name of the app from which it comes. Therefore, you don’t need to long press for details.

Another good thing on the notifications will be the color elements. After assigning colors for various notifications you don’t need to open each and every notification as you can judge the alerts by the notification color. Though we still find app icons in notifications but they are now smaller in size than on the current Android version.

Beside notifications you will get the new way to deal with quick settings on your device after upgrading to Android N. The access to essential settings will be accessible right from the notification dropdown. In the quick settings menu, you will be able to get Wi-Fi, mobile signal, battery level and also you can access the flash light.

android n android n

Besides the quick setting here you will find the button that will take you to the full settings in an interesting way with a new and cool animation effect. Further enhancements are introduced in the settings menu where you will have more options to tune the settings for various functions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.