Android powered BlackBerry Passport likely to hit stores Soon

BlackBerry Passport came into the smartphone market to represent company’s legacy against the competition. The device came with certain adoptions and produced company’s changing concept in the market. Here once again we have reports about the BlackBerry Passport to represent another advance move by BlackBerry. The Canadian maker is reportedly planning to introduce an Android running BlackBerry Passport version.

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Current details are based on the recent leaked pics of a BlackBerry Passport running the latest version of Android OS instead of its own enterprise. The images show a Silver Edition with Android Lollipop which is also sought as a prototype of company’s upcoming move. The device is however not expected to land this year but probably in mid of next year. Yet based on the speculations the device is dubbed as BlackBerry Passport 2.

But before the BlackBerry Passport 2 may arrive with Google’s open source OS we already have the BlackBerry Venice in the line. The expected arrival of BlackBerry Venice will shape company’s upcoming steps in this regard. Thus we will have a much clearer idea of an Android running Passport. Also the success of the Venice will have its impacts on the arrival of expected BlackBerry Passport 2.


Fresh details are also leaked from the same source which has recently introduced the market with the details of the BlackBerry Venice. Thus the details seems having some sort of coherence. The codenamed device, BlackBerry Venice is expected later this year to entertain the market for this season. While the Blackberry Passport 2 is supposed to follow up the Venice for next year’s arena.

Prototype-of-Android-flavored-BlackBerry-Passport-is-snapped (1)

According to recent details about the Venice, it will land into markets in November with contracts from all key carriers in the US. The carriers will be offering the BlackBerry Venice alongside the BlackBerry 10 that still remains on the shelves in US market.

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