Have a look on the Android version of WhatsApp call

WhatsApp no doubt, have changed the concept of IM and brought a single solution for messaging across the platforms. It was the first app which practically brought the wonderful features of BlackBerry Messenger on almost every smartphone no mater on which platform they are. But misfortunately it has limited itself to its certain feature since then, and now we can expect some new additions.

As there have been many rumors and leaked images, the next might be WhatsApp voice call. Now we have some fresh leaks which strengthen the expectation. The arrival of voice calling feature on WhatsApp would be a great addition in its high quality service framework.
Earlier in this year we have noted the talks about voice calling on WhatsApp. Initially the leaked images of its iOS version also revealed much of its settings which were pointing out its voice calling features. Some other images show the certain changes which we might expect with the arrival of its voice calling service. And now fresh images show some more info about this expected feature. These images show a look of the UI that we might see in the WhatsApp when it will officially imply with its voice call.
Early in this year WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $21.8 billons. As its overwhelming popularity make the Facebook to purchase it for billions of dollars the addition of voice calling can do much more for it. It would be a nice surprise for its half a billion users and also can make them to switch from other caller apps to WhatsApp for voice calls.

WhatsApp have not yet revealed anything officially but these certain screen shots are building a nice concept which is sooner or later possible to become a reality. The huge number of WhatsApp users would be surprise to have such a big addition in WhatsApp UI as it is shown in the images. It is a good for its users to expect something which can overvalue their already so popular experience with WhatsApp.

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