Android Wear brings cellular support to smartwatch

The growing wearable market is getting really amazing smartwatch developments being made following arrival of some nice watches. The market has got its momentum just a year back with notable names getting into business. Since then there have been a continually growing competitions that was charged by new and interesting features with each new release.

But, the key players in the smartwatch market running Android’s wearable operating system have missed many of such developments. But aiming high in the competitive market Android wearable are also getting new adaptations. Here we have a fresh reports suggesting cellular support for Android running samrtwatches. This comes out of a proud announcement by Android Wear team making cellular Android wears the devices of future.

With this development your Android Wear not only gets the way to stay on the top of market but will open ways for a number of features in future. Thus soon you will be able to perform the basic cellular functions on you samrtwatch. For instance, you would be sending text messages, making and receiving calls right on your wrist without a need to pair it with your phone.

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The cellular support by Android team was though a welcoming news but not unexpected. As we have sought the features getting acceptance in the market and vendors taking it up too, Android team was strongly supported to go for it as soon as possible. Some even made their way out without waiting for Android team. LG remains the first to bring Cellular support to Android Wear with its LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

Like all standard smartwatches the cellular support on Android Wear enables it to connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But with mobile network you can make it up standalone and will get your smartphone’s basic functions on your wrist. As we mentioned the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE will be the first to take advantage of this new development.

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