Android Wear now works with iPhones

Android Wear is concerned with functionality at the same level as it is about style. The Android wearables are highly adoptive with their flexible design concepts and open software environment. Thus they are made available in variety of options that suits you’re the most. Now Google has met another mark to enable you to use Android wear with Apple iPhone.

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It is a good chance for those iPhone users who like the Apple Watch but are unable to purchase it, or don’t really want to. Now you can have an Android Wear running device like Moto 360 or LG G Watch Urbane with plenty of styles and look, matching with Apple environment. Smartwatch users finally got the Android Wear for iOS that can connect your watch and iPhone device. There are plenty of features you can get on your watch after having the app. Here we list a few for you.

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Android Wear now works with iOS

The Glance: You can get notifications on your watch on the go. It brings useful info like calls and messages to your watch face. Updated info from key apps is right there at watch face that remains alive all the time. Thus you don’t need to turn the watch face on every time.

Fitness updates: With this feature you can use your watch to assist your fitness activities. It works like a standard fitness app where you can set activities and keep tracks. You can also get useful tips to improve your health activates.

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Smart help: You can use Google’s voice assistant that will ease your tasks in a nice way. Also with the helpful its useful tips and info you can save your time while doing your daily activities. It provides feature for setting your to do list for your appointments, scheduled tasks and other activities. The features are nice and impressive to enhance your experience using Android Wear.

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