Android Wear, ready to bring new watch features

Google upgrades Android Wear to compete upcoming Apple Watch

Android Wear is getting ready to please smartwatch users on this Christmas with its new update. The new Android Wear update comes with nice watch faces and plenty of useful features and settings. These long waited updates are good enough to change your perception towards the interface of Android Wear. Here we briefly describe some of the key features which you may expect in first impression on your wearable when the update lands.

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Find 30 fresh watch faces on Google play

A new collection of 30 fresh watch faces is there on Google Play which you can download just after updating your Android Wear app. This collection of Android Wear faces includes the options for both square and round designs of existing six Android Wear devices. Most of the faces in the collection are for free but some are also for paid bur they don’t cost much. Some of these faces also feature animation but they will probably drain more battery power.

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Expect more watch faces

Probably these 30 watch faces will not go alone for so long. We can expect amazing watch faces from the independent developers who can build their own idea of watch face following certain guidelines and make them available on Google Play. The Android Wear app has also been updated for easier browsing, download and switching faces. Google also recommends the enthusiastic developers who have already build watch faces to make them official.

You can get back the cards

Google Notification cards have been mix of good and bad points, being useful at once and getting in the way on other moment. But the new update resolved this issue and now you can bring back the cards which you have mistakenly swiped away. With the update now you will have the undo option just after the swipe. It sounds like a minor addition but it will help to make the cards truly helpful.

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More quick settings are there on a swipe

By swiping down the watch face now you will have the quick settings menu instead of battery life options. This has been successfully tried with slightly different functions on third party Wear apps but now you will have it right there on your updated Android Wear app. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.