Android With A Touch Of Microsoft? Here’re The Fun Microsoft Apps Available For Android Users

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft has been looking to find stability in the market sector for some time now. However, this time again the company is facing issues but not with its mobile market but its OS sector. The Windows 10 has been facing some struggles and problems in the market.

Microsoft handsets do have their fair share of fans and buyers. But the company with its unique OS only covers around 3% of the market. What seems like intelligence here is that Microsoft should make its OS more compatible and resourceful for the users. The platform should be refreshed in such a way that more and more users should be attracted to buy a new Microsoft phone.

Instead of working on improving its OS, the company has been publishing lots of apps compatible with the Android and iOS users. Android is more acceptable than the iOS, this is why a number of cool and unique apps are being supported on the system. About 10 of the cool and worthy apps were launched by Microsoft for Android. We have taken a look into these apps and have found different functions worth appreciating. Let’s take a look;

Office Lens

Microsoft Apps

Just before telling you what Office Lens actually is, it is the most popular Microsoft App on Android as per different stats and researchers. You can take the pictures of a whiteboard, documents, or anything related to text and lets you trim it into an easily readable digital document. Exporting to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint is supported, and OneDrive and OneNote services are integrated into the app for quick sharing across multiple devices.

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Apsps

The Microsoft Xim allows you to share your pictures with a friends circle. Instead of sharing your Smartphone with everyone around, simply send them a picture request. What’s interesting is that these receiving the pictures won’t have to download the app. They will just receive a web link for the gallery.

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When every friend of the group has an access to the pictures, you can control the movements now. Slide to the new one and all friends’ will automatically jump to that picture scroll backwards and all Smartphones will show the same picture. All the people will synchronize with you in seeing the images.

Picturesque Lock Screen

Microsoft Apps

The Picturesque Lock Screen provides you with a great photo every day. The same picture standard is applied here like the one in the official Windows 10 lock and standby screen. The app will also give you access to notifications, news streams, Bing search bar and contacts and apps etc. You also get a separate pull-down bar that contains system toggles and your favorite apps.

Journeys & Notes

Microsoft Apps

The app lets you take notes of wherever you go. Whether be it road trips or adventurous journeys, you can drop in your comments or memories whenever you want. You can also leave notes for other users and can also see theirs. As for the travelers, you can point to specific places worth visiting or the routes other people need to avoid or the eateries you enjoyed etc.

Journeys & Notes is meant to make those long travelling and journey hours bearable with little fun and tips from the other. You can conveniently connect with the other people who have had adopted the same route at some point.

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Microsoft Apps

Hyperlapse is an exclusive timelapse app. The application has specifically been designed for the mobbing footages. All the hiking, driving or moving videos are shared like never before. The app uses special algorithms to detect the landscapes and to smooth the shakes and other disturbances.

Your timelapse would definitely be perfect and pleasurable and will be presented in an entirely new way.

Mimicker Alarm

Microsoft Apps

Mimicker Alarm is one cool alarm. If you are one of those people who find it trouble to wake up in the morning or keep up snoozing their alarm, this app is meant for you.  Try this clock and you will be able to wake in a perfect way. In order to shut the alarm, the setter will have to make a particular grimace.

Trying to make a perfect ugly face in the morning is one hell of a job.  And, after you are successfully done, the sleep will no longer be anywhere near you.

Bing Torque

Microsoft Apps

Bing Torque, as the name suggests, is the app which will let you Bing or calculate some things without leaving your current Smartphone action. In order to use the app, you will have to shake the device and a voice will command you for further actions.

Bing Torque also supports Android Wear and the actions are done with the flick of wrists. You won’t have to utter a word like Google functioning. Isn’t the app wonderful?

Arrow Launcher

Microsoft Apps

Arrow Launcher is a simple launcher that analyzes you app usage and gives you a single home screen which has the most launched apps in one place. On the other pages, you have access to recent contacts, reminders, notes, recent app actions a screen which contains widgets of your choice.

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Arrow Launcher also has an app dock at the bottom which also expands to show the second row for different apps and toggles. A simple yet useful launcher for all.

 Next Lock Screen

Microsoft Apps

Next Lock Screen changes your wallpaper on the daily basis and provides you with lot options on a single screen without needing to unlock your phone. As soon as you light up your screen, the app shows you weather forecast and other notifications.

On the bottom most area, there is an app dock which can be extended to show two different rows of apps. These can either be customized by the user, or let Next decide which ones to put in there. The lock screen also provides users with a power saving feature.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Remote Desktop lets you control a PC straight from your Smartphone. The app is highly recommended for the server management. You can check your PC whenever you want. It even helps you with some of the computer troubles. The app is the best app of this nature ever produced. Windows has finally done something very right. Well, this is what the company excels at!

These are the best Microsoft apps accessible to the Android users. Own an Android device? Install these apps now and let us know your experience in the comments section! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.