Apple brings another WatchOS 2 Beta for Developers

Yesterday we have reported that Apple seeded beta version of its newly announced iOS 9 and today we have witnessed Apple seeding its WatchOS 2 beta for developers. Both the iOS9 2 beta and the WatchOS 2 beta were top listed during the hyped developers conference held weeks earlier. Apple has shown a faster move while bringing the OS for developers that will surely make it available for general users much earlier.

WatchOS 2 also works with iOS 9, which is out earlier for the developers. With iOS 9 you can download the WatchOS 2 beta over the air. For this you can follow the generic process by going into system setting and then Software Update option.

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As we had an overview at the WWDC 2015 the WatchOS 2 comes with major updates in the WatchOS of Apple for its wearable. The WatchOS 2 is launched as the first update for the software which includes not only fixes to the issues faced in the Apple Watch but also brings many new features.

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Among its many amazing additions it includes the permission to independent developers to access the native sensors which was not allowed in the original version of the WatchOS. Though we had some nice apps working on the useful sensors of the Apple Watch but the option has been very limited. Now with this addition Apple actually expends possibilities on its wearable where we may see some interesting concepts by individual developers.

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Apart from this key addition the Apple Watch will now enjoy more faces and more colors internally. Against the limited faces of the original WatchOS the updated WatchOS 2 not only include m ore colorful face watches but also supports watch faces from independent sources. The interface options are not limited to the watch faces as you can experience a completely refreshed experience. Hopefully after the registered developers experience the WatchOS 2 will be available for users soon.

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