Apple can’t access your data on iOS 8 or iOS 9 with passcode

Apple has revealed that it has no way to access data that are stored on iPhone running latest iOS and are locked with passcode. This emerged as Apple representative makes statement before a federal judge regarding helping the US authorities with iPhone data.

According to Reuters the statements were made before the federal judge in response to the US Justice Department. The Justice Department has been seeking iPhone data and the Apple was asked if it can help the department with data on subjected iPhone.

Apple in its statement tried clearing it out the company’s reputed encryption system. According to Apple it has further improved its encryption methods with new iOS. Thus since the last OS no one from outside, even the Apple itself, can’t access the encrypted data on the devices.

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Apple also added that about 90 percent of its devices have moved to new iOS, the later versions of iOS 8 and iOS 9. Thus it shows that about 90 percent of its running devices are safe with an ideal encryption system.

But, what about the ten percent that still uses the older iOS versions? Apple says yes it can technically access the data but for that even it is not going break the privacy of its users. Apple said that it doesn’t try to access that small part of iPhone data without the legal authority. It said that the trust of customers is something that prohibits the company to access data on any locked phone.

Responding to plea by the department of justice Apple has reportedly clarified that it can bear any compromise over customers’ trust. Farther hearing is yet to take place but Apple customers are very concerned over the security of their data. With its iOS and the devices Apple stands among the few credible companies for both businesses and individuals. Any compromise in this regard may turn into an unusual upset.

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