Apple Car concept envisions sleek design, OSCar software

With every anticipated Apple product, the concept artworks and videos are nothing new. Recently we have been discussing the concept video of the upcoming iPhone 7. In past, most of iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, have been welcomed much earlier in the alleged concept videos. But we know they are nothings more than the vision of the enthusiastic artists who have a good sense of Apple’s ideas and now we have some Apple Car Concept images here.


This fact remains no exception for Apple Car which remains as much awaited in the automobile industry as Apple’s other products been in their respective markets. You can judge how big it would be for the industry and if there is going to be a concept for the Apple Car, it is ought to be up to that level i.e. best concept, nothing less. And the makers of this video seem to have done their best to do justice with the Apple Car.

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The Apple Car has not made any space on the ground except in the minds of some tech enthusiasts. The video and the concept in the video are based on the fact that what it could be if it becomes reality. And as it is displayed in the video it is the 2020 possible vision of the Apple Car which is yet to far to turn into reality.

As one can expect with the tag of Apple the design and exterior looks are really stunning. With gorgeous looks over the entire car the Apple logo is glowing on its nose. It is really amazing, if it would be a reality, however quite few of us will be affording it. Besides the looks, the Apple Car will also be an integrated machine with Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch. The video also suggests an OSCar as a dedicated software that will bring all necessary and some unique features on board.

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Apple Car Concept back view

Apple Car Concept Side view


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