Apple CarPlay Vs Android Auto: Integrate your smartphone with your car

While iOS Vs Android and iPhone 6 Vs Galaxy Note 4 debate is still continue and we get arguments from both sides on almost daily basis. The touch operating systems have now reached to control your cars as well. At Los Angeles Autos show, Hyundai demonstrated both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies with their 2015 models of Sonatas. Hyundai has integrated CarPlay and Android Autos to its own BlueLink infotainment system.

Apple CarPlay: Siri is Smart to control your car.

When you plug in your iPhone to your car, a small icon of CarPlay appears on the main screen to tap it to enter CarPlay. Apple’s CarPlay GUI looks similar to iPhone’s home screen. You will see the time, signal strength, and other apps being displayed as in your iphone. You can easily navigate to see more apps.
Apple CarPlay works with iOS 7.1 and higher and you talk to siri via Carplay to perform your desired actions. CarPlay is configured with Maps app as well thus showing you places you can go like office, home and restaurants.

On the other hand, when you are using Apple CarPlay, you can use your iPhone as well. When connected to CarPlay, taping your iphone results in watching the CarPlay screen on your iPhone’s screen. But you can ignore this screen and use your iPhone like you want.

Android Auto: Google Now is In-charge here

Although Android Auto is still in beta but we have highlights of Android Auto as well. Unlike CarPlay you don’t have any Home button on Main screen to launch Android Auto and its does not display you android phone’s screen as well. What you use is Google Now. When running Android Auto displays you different Google Now cards, with information or features that you might want to use.
Let’s say you have scheduled a meeting at downtown at some time, now when you connect to Android Auto, Google Now will show you card for trip to downtown. Tapping this card, you will get the directions to the downtown on Google Map app.
You can enjoy music and perform other tasks by tapping the required icon at the bottom of screen like making and receiving calls, texting and reading messages. You also have an option to go to your car’s diagnostics system with Android Auto.

One feature which lacks in Android Auto is locking out your phone. You don’t have option to use your android phone when Android Auto is in action as it locks down your phone and you have to disconnect it to use your phone.
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