Apple claims 92% of smartphone industry profits

Apple despite several efforts with its high end and highly successful iPhones failed to attain the top position in the global smartphone market. But the market doesn’t runs only by the high ends but needs several dynamic moves, which are expressed by Samsung which hold the spot. However, the failure to get the top position seems harming Apple nothing as it still claim most of the operating profit of the Smartphone industry.

Market reports show that among the eight key smartphone makers operational profit Apple alone received 92%. The statistics are taken from the earnings of smartphone industry in the first quarter this year which shows the great follow up of the iPhones 6 and iPhone 6 plus this year. Apple was also not at any lower position in the same period of last year with the 65% but this year’s 92% share of Industry’s operational income shows a great success for Apple.

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Samsung being on the top position in the smartphone market received the most of remaining operational profit. The share of Samsung was at 15% after the 92% of Apple among the eight key manufacturers. While Samsung failed to remove anything from the profit achieved by Apple but it successfully gained the loosing shares from the remaining producers.

Considering last year’s statistics some producers also lost the market which was again gained by Samsung. The market has seen HTC losing a considerable portion of its profit recently which is still facing some challenges in retaining its position. While Microsoft was witnessed progressing but that don’t seems making any considerable change in the order.

As Apple failed to become the top smartphone seller with the only 20% sale it still manage to keep its share high in the profit thru its high priced device. The prices of Apple iPhones are kept very high as compared with the Androids but still they have their own demand which is cashed well by Apple.

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