Apple earned more from iPhone in a single quarter than life time earnings of Android

There have been a number of studies in smartphone market showing Apple’s edge over the Google in different areas. Recently Apple was reported to have beaten Google in app sale despite the huge number of Android apps downloads. Now fresh statistics again show Apple to have earned more from iPhone in a single quarter of last year than the Google has ever made from Android.

iPhone 6s Plus Apple smartphone

This emerged after Google’s confidential account information were made public in the court battle between Google and Oracle. Fighting Oracle’s case the lawyer has revealed a number of useful information about Google’s business. According to the revealed information Google has paid One billion USD to Apple to keep Google on default for Safari search. It was also followed by a revenue sharing agreement where Google was to provide a substantial portion of its search revenue to Apple.

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A fresh revelation from Oracle lawyer shows that Google has generated $31billion revenue and earned $22billion profit from Android so far. The figures are really high and Google have earned enough from Android but it still has to do more efforts to balance with Apple. According to report by Quartz, Apple has generated $32billion revenue from iPhone sale in a single quarter of year which crosses Google’s life time revenue from Android.

Though the figure shows Apple’s striking performance in the smartphone market but it would not be undermining Google anyways. Google’s mentioned revenue is taken from its business with Android where the revenue is derived mostly from Play Store or ads on its phones.

Against Google which doesn’t make or sell its own hardware, the highly successful hardware business is the key profit earning area for Apple. The figures are quite symbolic in this sense but they still show Apple’s success with iPhone. While in software you may not find such a high difference between Apple and Google.

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