Apple Electric Car to use BMW i3 as model: News

Apple Electric Car might come with i3 of BMW, there are reports about the table-talks between Apple and BMW authorities to sign an agreement over it, claims a German Publication.

According to German Publication, Apple is under-talks to use i3 of BMW for its own Electric Car. The Electric Car Project of Apple has been initiated in the beginning of 2015, where news were reported that Apple is hiring number of automobile engineers for the manufacturing of its Electric Car.

The report was also published in Manager Magazine of July 2015 in which Tim Cook, CEO of Apple stated that we are in process to manufacture Apple Electric Car, where we have decided to take an initiative over using i3 of BMW.

The report further claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook along with few other Apple Executives have done a meeting with BMW in Leipzig, Germany. In that meeting Apple presented its desire of manufacturing Electric Car of fiber carbon body of i3.

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The i3 Electric Car is proved very effective car which is capable of covering 80 miles as charged once and in association with Electric Power, there is also an option of Petrol fuel to run the car in need of time, in other words we can say that it is a dual fuel utility car, one by electric charges and second by petrol.

In market, there is one more Electric Car which is designed by Tesla, its Model number is S, which makes the journey of seven people up to 300 miles. The gets charges within 20 minutes by the company’s superchargers. But Apple has decided to makes its own Electric Car with lots of changes and improvements as compared to other companies’ Electric cars.

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