Apple to face court battle over 3D Touch and error 53

Apple is set to face yet another court battle following the suit filed by the San Jose-based Immersion company. The immersion which has been developing haptic tech since 1993 accuses Apple of intellectual property infringement. As per Immersion claims, Apple has infringed on its several haptic feedback patents with its recent 3D Touch technology in iPhone and Apple Watch.

Meanwhile Apple is also likely to face a jury trial in the District Court for the Northern District of California over the iPhone 6s error 53 message issue. As per the earlier reports, the error 53 is caused by the replacement of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus components with unauthorized parts by third party repairmen. The PVCA firm claims Apple is pushing the users to use its own repair services which are much costly compared with the third party repair. The error 53 not only bricks your iPhone but all of your saved data and content is gone forever.

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According to the Immersion plaintiff the 3D Touch system on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and Apple Watch infringes the patent for its technology called shared feedback. As per the details of the patent, doesn’t cover the method of recognizing touch intensity but it does specify the method of preview info with a light press. The plaintiff says that all iPhone models from 6th generation and all three models of Apple Watch use certain features of the 3D Touch that are covered by the Immersion patent. The Apple devices uses the patented tech of tactile sensations and feedback.

iPhone 6s error 53

Though the extent of damages Immersion is going to claim is not declared but Apple would be paying at least $5 million to compensate the users affected by the error 53. Besides the compensation amount for the affected users PCVA also demands Apple to remove the restriction on the iOS repair that actually causes the issue.

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