Apple gathering maps info to strengthen In-House database

Apple has been, for a long time, promising to provide its users a distinct map service. In this regard Apple has also been doing its best as the efforts are seen on the roads. For those who have seen the Apple-leased caravans on the US roads, the purpose of these caravans remains no more a confusion.

The Dodge caravans of Apple-leased vans have aroused excitement as well as confusions with many contradictory speculations. The vans laden with different kind of equipment were initially speculated to be Apple’s preparations for the first Auto-Driving vehicle. These speculations were however based on Apple’s advancement in this field but now it is clear that the vans are not for Apple car or anything other than Apple’s Map service.

The campaign by Apple involving the specific vehicles and equipment resembles very much to the Google’s earlier exercise. Google has earlier launched its program to capture data for its street view service. For the purpose the similar vans with LIDAR cameras were used which are now being used by Apple. This confirms the similar claims being made by some sources over past days.

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This program by Apple will probably bring more improvement in its Map service. Since the launch of Map service three years back, Apple has showed tireless efforts to improve the service. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has also promised to upgrade its Map service and the same treeless efforts until the promise is fulfilled.

Currently Apple is working with third party sources to provide some of the necessary services to its users. For instance Apple has relied on the Tomtom since the launch of the service. Now with such initiatives Apple will strengthen its in house data stricter to end its dependency on third parties.

We may also see some 3D views in Apple Maps along with many other additions very soon. For now the eyes are set on the WWDC 2015 due in coming days. There may also be some announcements in this regard.

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