Apple explains why iMessage service won’t be available for Android

Before Apple‘s Worldwide Developers Conference officially began, the internet was overflowing with rumours about the event’s announcements. Some of them proved to be true. The rumors that were correct include that Apple renamed Mac OS X to simply macOS and a few others.

But there were also many rumours that were proven false no matter how much we wanted them to be true. This was also the case for certain rumors that claimed Apple was about to open its  iMessage platform to users on other smartphone operating systems like Android. Many were excited about this possibility but the WWDC 16 claimed it to be untrue.  While the event did indeed include various of announcements unveiling new functionality for iMessage and the Messages app, unfortunately, cross-platform support was not one of them.

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While this was disappointing for many cross-platform users that were looking forward to the iMessage app Apple has its reasons for not opening it. Apple executive has commented on this decision in order to give us a little insight as to why the decision to keep iMeessage restricted to Apple was made.

One of the reasons is perhaps the most obvious one. The iMessage app is an amazing messaging platform and it is only getting better in time with the addition of new features so it makes sense that Apple would want to keep the app exclusive to its devices. The app is a great asset for attracting users towards iOS devices so it’s logical that the company decided to keep the app exclusive.

The second reason is a little peculiar and less intuitive. Turns out that Apple is also not opening iMessages to Android because the company thinks iMessage is not big enough. The unnamed Apple executive indicated that the iMessage user base is huge having a billion devices in service, that it is generating more than sufficient language data for any iMessage drove artificial intelligence learning project that Apple might want to undertake and adding Android users would not make that data any more useful.

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While many of you may be disappointed especially those Apple users whose contact list expands platforms we can’t really fault Apple for its reasoning. The iMessages is a great app and it makes sense that the company wants to keep it exclusive. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.