Apple Inc. has issued a recall of some of its iPhone 5 From qatar

The US-based Apple Inc. announced for the Qatar residents, free of charge replacement its iPhone 5 series batteries which have encountered a fatal issue of battery drainage.
It was followed by an announcement made two weeks earlier by the Apple that said it was recalling “a very small percentage” of iPhone 5s that struggled with weak batteries due to poor manufacturing. The defective phones have a shorter battery life making user’s charge the phone frequently. According to the company the affected phones were sold between September 2012 and January 2013.
Apple is collaborating with Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce on the recall campaign. The announcements about the time and recall process will be made on the local newspapers and the ministry website through the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) and Commercial Fraud Combating Department of Qatar.
In order to go for replacement the phone must also be in working order and the Buyers must submit their iPhone’s serial number online to ensure if their phone falls within the affected serial number range. Those customers who meet the requirements but have already paid to have their battery replaced will be refunded.
Apple is not new in such situations as it had already gone through a process of recalling batteries and chargers. iPhone 5S users complained last year of the same battery problem. Also Apple had recently exchanged all European USB iPhone adapters due to overheating.

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