Apple introduces large size Apple Watch bands and link bracelets

Apple takes some smart moves to expend the use of its beautiful Apple Watch. The Apple Watch was introduced last year with some smart and stylish bands but in a limited variety. The earlier Apple Watch bands were good for medium writs but the size looked a bid out on fat writs. But now Apple has bands that are made to give a stylish and smart look no matter of your wrist size.

New Apple Watch bands are made in large and extra large sizes that fit almost all kind of sizes of wrists without any bad impression. The Apple Watch bands are made exclusive in looks but not in prices. The large size bands are to hold the price tag of $49 which is same as the normal sport band. Like other Apple Watch bands they are not made colorful but you can order the band in black and white.

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Apple Watch bands in medium XL and XXL

The option is targeted to the specific range of customers and therefore not made available out of box. It means you will get the Apple Watch shipment with usual bands which you need to swap with a large size band. Customers can also buy a large or extra large Apple Watch band at the stores. Apple ensures to make shipment within a week thus you may not have to wait any long if you are one among the range of customers.

The wrist band is also accompanied by some other impressive and elegant accessories. For instance with the Link bracelet Kit you can make the link bracelet fit to a fat wrist by adding up to six links. After adding links the bracelet will fit any size of wrist with a perfect fitting. The kit is also offered at the same price of $49 with silver color option. The kit offers a handy way to fit or remove links that doesn’t require any special tools and techniques.

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Apple Watch link bracelets

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