Apple iOS 9.1 arrives for iPhone, iPad, blocks Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9 ,with new emoji, fresh wallpapers and more

It has not been too long that we came to get Apple’s new features with the iOS 9. The new iOS 9 comes with a number of new features and several key upgrades over the older version the iOS 8. But Apple might have thought to make it even more engaging. Thus it brought a new updated version the iOS 9.1 with some amusing emojis, new wallpapers and a patch to block Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9 and much more.

The iOS 9.1 is now officially released by Apple for its iPhone and iPad. Though it carries other updates but what was highlighted and also noted the most was the new emoji collection. Its emojis like yes, middle finger, unicorn and some alike gained much response. Some of the emojis were reported earlier when we got the beta version of the iOS 9 but now with official updated version we expect much more.

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iOS 9.1 comes with new emojis

Apple has also included some new wallpaper in the iOS 9.1 that you will get with update. The updates also hint about enabling developers to build live photos. Also the new iOS 9.1 version is reported to have improved the capture experience. Thus with already liked features on the new iOS 9 you will have some extra while updating to the v 9.1.

Another additional feature on the iOS 9.1 is about its messages app. After updates it allows you to either view contact photos or not on your massaging app. Unlike previous experience, now you can control the settings and turn the feature off if you don’t want to see contact pic.

iOS 9.1 comes with more wallpapers

With updates Apple also made its new app available to more countries including UK and Australia. To get the new version, go to you device settings and update hopefully will find the new updates available. Apple’s newly released updates package also include watchOS 2.0.1, tvOS GM and OS X El Capitan 10.11.1.

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