Apple iPad Pro gets unresponsive while Charging: Reports

Apple iPad Pro was pushed into the market out of rumors that were rolling for about two years. From Apple’s end the new iPad Pro means a lot to company’s high-ups. CEO Tim Cook, for instance sees new iPad Pro replacing PCs or desktop computers. But this is not the case for all officials at Apple office. Some like company’s co-founder Steve Wozniak disagrees with Tim.

As the iPad Pro came to its ultimate users it is now time to prove the promised performance. Though there are a number of positive reviews to support iPad Pro but it fails to skip some annoying situations. It is observed that many of iPad Pro users are having their device freezing while put on charge. According to details posted by the users the device remains unresponsive until a hard reset.

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Many of iPad Pro users throng to Apple support communities to get an understanding of issue and find a solution. According to a user, his device became unresponsive twice as he tried to recharge it and both times device’s worked only after hard reset. Another user reported that his device goes dead whenever he puts it on charge for more than an hour.

Apple-iPad-Pro is a large screen tablet

All eyes are set on Apple for an explanation and also an immediate fix for the frustrating issue. Apple as expected responds positively with assurance of understanding of the issue. The company in its reply seems well aware of the problem giving some suggestion to avoid the situation.

Apple suggests the affected users to try a factory reset by using the iTunes. Another fix apple suggested includes a quick way out of the issue. It recommends pressing and holding sleep and home buttons at the same time for up to ten seconds. This will force restart the iPad Pro and users may not face the issue afterword.

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