Apple iPad Pro to replace Apple iPad Air in 2015

Apple iPad Pro, a tablet of Apple, replaces Apple iPad Air in 2015, because Apple has only ordered for the manufacture of Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPAd Mini 4, claims a report.

A report from Chinese Economic Daily News claims that Apple iPad Air will not be manufactured this year, instead of this tablet company intends to manufacture the Apple iPad Pro. By this step of company, it can be predicted that company is more serious in the promotion of the iPad Pro this year.

The report further says that company is more interested to make Apple iPad Pro of 12.9 inches its one of the best tablet. With this decision the Apple iPad Air is expected to be launched next year.

Few images of the Apple iPad Pro has been made public, in which it is clearly seen that it contains four speakers on its each corner. In few more images a port of a cable connector has been shown at its one side and a port of Type-C USB has also seen.

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A report published in the Wall Street Journals also claims that company would manufacture optional mouse and Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro.

Despite these few descriptions regarding Apple iPad Pro, there were no more detail regarding its internal and external features, nor any report was seen which could regarding the official pricing of it.

There is also no any other news regarding its capacity of internal storage, processor, RAM, thickness and thinness, primary and secondary cameras and use of technology in its screen.

On the basis of this report it can be easily judged that Apple is making strategies for the promotion of its tablet Apple iPad Pro at a large scale in this year rather than promoting Apple iPad Air.

Despite this, the lovers of the Apple iPad Air say that we wait for the Apple iPad Air till next year without any tension.

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