Apple iPhone 6c and second-gen Apple Watch to be released in March 2016

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch
Apple’s first gen watch was a distinguished addition into the emerging smartwatch market. The Watch has brought a number of new concepts to enhance the possibilities with the smart wears. Though the first impression of the Watch was less striking than the iPhone and iPad in their respective markets, but with growing experience Apple seems to make it more impressive by time. And the second generation Watch is a possibility now to show how much its company has improved.

With the second generation of Apple Watch there is also the arrival of the 4inch iPhone that remains on the charts as Apple’s future plans. Both second generations watch and 4inch iPhone 4c are now making their way strait to their respective markets. Following a fresh reports we came to expect the second-gen Watch and iPhone 4c getting official by March 2016. In March Cupertino is set to hold an event which may unveil a number of new packages.

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As it is common in the smartwatch market, Apple has also given an impression of unfinished devices to help continuing enthusiasm that, with every next device comes something new. The watch has also missed a number of famous features while bring many other nice ones on board. Many of the features face drop out on the base of their cost to keep the device’s prices within categories. However continuing the Apple legacy the Watch 2 will probably bring some key distinctive features.

Though we found the second-gen Apple Watch on the most part of the concerned report but the 4inch iPhone also get mentioned. As we have been reporting, the revival of the 4inch display in iPhone is being discussed seriously. Thus summing up the speculation the reports gives an indication that Apple may also discuss the 4inch iPhone 4c which misses any official mention yet.

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