Apple iPhone 6S appears with amazing camera features

Apple is reported to bring its upcoming iPhone with upgraded camera features. Over the expected iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus you may experience a shift in iPhone camera concept. As we have seen in last iPhones the camera remained among the final features to get any upgrade. But now things seem changing with the market trends.

Since we had iPhone 4 the camera pixels are kept same with just upgrades over the camera functions and the camera app. But as Apple is good to keep with the market it has finally turned to this key feature. Thus over the 8megapixesl of iPhones 6 that is currently ruling the market we are expected to get a 12megapixel camera.  With higher megapixels now iPhone users will be able to captures moments with higher resolution. The upgrade is also supported by the A9 chipset that is reported over the iPhone 6S. The A9 comes with upgraded camera support that will reflect improvement at its camera.

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The difference will be evident not only in capturing stills but also in its video recording capabilities. According to same reports the iPhone 6S camera can make videos at 4K quality that is much improved over the 1080pixels video recording of current iPhones. This will also be the first time that we will see the 4K videos in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Other have already upgraded to the 4K on some key devices now we may get the quality of video on iPhones too. With 4K capabilities users can not only have clearer video results but can also experience other useful features including video editing.

Among the listed features to get upgraded over the iPhone camera include the front facing flash that is yet the most considerable feature. Though Apple is too cautious about overriding devices with features that may not be demanded much but this one is included in reports yet. It least we are set to get some improvement at the front camera too.

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