Apple iPhone 6S prototype benchmarked on Geekbench?

Like all other Apple devices the expected iPhone 6S is also getting a considerable customer following in the smartphone market. Leaks and rumors have named the device to represent Apple in this season. Expectations are high, and the rumors and leaks that are pointing out something big by Apple. This time an alleged prototype of the same iPhone 6S made an appearance on a benchmarking site.

Apple iPhone 6s Benchmark results

The iPhone 6S prototype is listed with some high details that fit the expectations of iPhone users. According to the details the device will bring tri-core CPU with powerful RAM. The benchmarking score was also high for an expected iPhone 6S device. The multi-core chip Apple A9 came up with a score of 4577. The score took the device at the top over several good Android devices. For instance the score achieved by HTC’s flagship with multi-core was recorded at 3587.

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HTC One M9 benchmark results

The single core results are also high against the key device including the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The S6 Edge has been listed among the best by Samsung which is representing Samsung against the tough competition in the smartphone market. But despite the good and competitive points the Galaxy S6 Edge is not yet up to the mark to beat the iPhone. Current comparison is however just to benchmarking which is yet inexact after all.

Galaxy S6 Edge benchmark results

The details on the benchmarking site show that the expected iPhone 6S will hold a RAM of 2GB. The details are not ascertained anyways as another benchmarking suggested a 1GB RAM for the iPhone 6S. Yet the details combined tell that the upcoming iPhone 6S will arrive with a multi-core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz and 2GB RAM. This is good and likely will features something stronger at arrival in the market. The upcoming Apple iPhone 6S with a variant of devices are expected to land at the annual event scheduled for next month.

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