Apple iPhone 6S release date out

It is time for the Cupertino lovers to line up for the fresh release as Apple finally reveals the date for the keynote. Yes, the date is finally there, and the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will show off on 18th of September, just two months to go. But you need to wait a little shorter than expected as the Apple has prepared for the key note one week earlier the release dates thus you will be able to watch the official presentation of both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on September 11.

The details are all from Apple insiders, the sources having timely reports of Apple’s developments. The Apple insider reported that the protection of new iPhone has been started at mass level. Though the details lack the name of the new iPhone, it may be iPhone 6c as some rumors suggest. But more expectations stands for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus which are scheduled for launch this year.

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The certain details also reveal that the device is a super smart build of Apple’s iPhones. As there also been rumors around the device will feature a thick body measuring at 7 mm. The device is also expected to cross its proceeding iPhone 6 in length as it features 0.1 mm larger body. This makes the upcoming iPhone 6S really smarter and a little bigger than the big iPhones including iPhone 6plus.

There are some other sources which have reported similar information about the upcoming iPhone with some additional features. The iPhone 6S is expected with some amazing features like Force Touch feature which enables the device to sense the touch and response accordingly.

The duo iPhone 6s also offer high end specs inside the box. The A9 Chip followed by good RAM and an upgraded camera of 12 megapixels will make it a device not less than your expectations.

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