Apple iPhone 6S will have same design like iPhone 6 but with powerful hardware

Apple has preferred for it’s another big launch this summer which is expected to be another S device with upgraded features. The device initially named as the iPhone 6S is said to keep the exterior concept of Apple that was successfully applied on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But with a familiar exterior the interior setting is expected to bring some key changes.

Fresh snaps of the iPhone 6S shows the exterior build concepts and some of the components inside that give an insight into the device. Some earlier leaks also showed that the device will bring presser sensitivity and force touch sense as key additions. The fresh snaps were out from a source close to Apple which seems official leak. Here is a short insight into the metallic casing and internal of new iPhone which were revealed in the pic along with the key changes introduced.

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As we mentioned the design concept is very same in the iPhone 6S as it was in the earlier models but some minimal changes are also there. The body of device seems a little thinner but to minimal to notice also the position of holes is little adjusted. The color on its body also looks lighter than the predecessor.

Inside the frame you can see the changes which are especially evident at the mounting points for its internal components. The specs internally are expected to reshuffle and also some extras are expected inside. There have been some rumors raising expectations for a dual-lens camera but the rear shell don’t seem supporting the concept. However, the holes for other components are present quite identically to the earlier device.

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The antenna lines which were visible in old iPhones were hidden effectively but on the iPhone 6S they are again on the scene. However, they may not necessarily be visible when it comes out in the market finally. The device also seems to have same connectors for its microphones. According to Bloomberg, iPhone 6S is already in manufacturing process.

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