Apple iPhone 7 backlight leaks suggests some design changes in upcoming iPhone

Reports about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 are getting out regularly, taking the enthusiasm of iPhone lovers to the peak. Following the same reports, the upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to arrive not until September. This would be according to Cupertino calendar, but before we get any concrete lead about its arrival some fresh leaks are out telling us more about the upcoming iPhone 7.

Before moving to the leaks in the fresh reports we have a premature list of noted features on the iPhone 7. At the top of these we have hints about replacement for the 3.5mm headphone jack. With up to date reports the hints about headphone jack replacement are getting more ground. As per the fresh leaks, the finished iPhone 7 will arrive with lightning port replacing the 3.5mm jack. This edition will not only change the concept of audio jack but also make ways for slimmer iPhone.

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The fresh leaks are showing some details about the backlight and design concept of the iPhone 7. As we can get the hints from the leaked pictures the alleged iPhone 7 carries the flex cable on the opposite side as compare to the iPhone 6S. On the alleged pictures of iPhone 7 flex cable is located on the left side. Though the pictures are just minor leaks pointing toward upcoming iPhone 7 but the hints show some changes in the design to expect.

As it has been the case with most of the alleged picture about the upcoming iPhone 7, there is almost no clue to confirm them as real. The fresh leaked images are also compared on the bases of matching looks but they don’t contain any company tag. Therefore, despite having these images it will still be too early to sketch up the real details and outlook of the iPhone 7.

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