Apple iPhone 7 Plus camera will have 3x optical zoom, dual camera expected as well

Apple is expected to release its iPhone 7 Plus with improved camera as main feature besides other noted features. The upcoming iPhone 7 Plus will bring dual-camera system with LinX camera tech and extended optical zoom. The LinX camera technology was acquired by Apple last year to upgrade camera on its devices.

With two separate lenses the iPhone camera app will be able to use the additional image data to improve its camera results. There have been several rumors suggesting the dual camera system on the upcoming iPhone. And now it got discussed by the analysts for its expected arrival with iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple analysts believe the dual camera concept will be restricted to a limited number of devices. Apple it expected to introduce a 4.7inch iPhone 7 with traditional camera. But the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with the dual camera as its premium features.

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However, the analysts are also not sure if all iPhone 7 Plus would come equipped with dual camera. According to the recent reports, instead of including dual camera system on all iPhone 7 Plus devices, Apple is considering a premium SKU that will include the advanced camera system.

The dual camera design was discussed a little before the release of iPhone 6S but instead of dual camera it was equipped with only LinX camera tech. The upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are yet expected to be in early stages therefore many changes are expected to emerge before the launch.

Considering the reports, the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to arrive in different models. Also, we can expect some changes in design if there would be an additional lens. With dual camera system the iPhone 7 Plus will be enabled to capture images using both lenses which are later combined using the LinX Imaging.

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