Apple to introduce wireless charging technology in iPhone 7

Apple is planning to equip its upcoming iPhone 7 with wireless charging, but it would probably bring it with its own touch. According to fresh reports the iPhone 7 will bring an improved cutting edge wireless charging technology that will work without placing the device on charging mat.

iPhone Wireless charging

As it has been Apple’s way of doing things, the emerging tech of wireless charging is very likely on the upcoming devices but in a new way. Though Apple is late enough using the technology but the cutting edge wireless charging on the upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to be something more than just the adaptation of the new technology.

It is however not the first time for Apple getting late in adopting emerging technologies, the same was the case with NFC connectivity. But Apple introduced it with a completely new concept by introducing NFC payment with fingerprint authentication. This is again going to happen with wireless charging on iPhone 7, where it will arrive with almost a new feel.

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iphone 7

According to reports Apple is working with its Asian partners to develop a new wireless charging technology. The new cutting edge wireless charging technology will enable the device to charge even placed farther away from the charging mat. On current wireless charging system the device needs to be placed on the charging pad.

Apple is expected to use the technology in a new way but it is still not clear that how it would work and what would be the range for wireless charging. Also according to the reports, the use of the new wireless charging technology on upcoming iPhone is yet to be decided.

Apple was reported back in 2012 to have applied for patent to use near-field magnetic resonance that would enable it to charge devices one meter away. Though it is not mentioned in the report about the cutting edge wireless charging but it is likely that Apple will use the same technology here.

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