Apple iPhone sales to hit 189 million in fiscal 2015

Analysts forecast the sale of 10.6 million units of iPhone in fiscal year 2015. The large-screen phones would probably hurt the iPad but ultimately it’s the Apple to remain on top in terms of profit. It was assumes that the new iPhone 6 with 4.7-inch will hold for 75 percent of the units sale while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus will account for the remaining 25 percent.

In the December quarter the iPhone is estimated to sell a total of 58 million units that will largely depend on Chinese smartphone market, its expected to take off before the end of the year.

There have been many issues which stalled its launch of iPhone 6 in China. It was not before the last week when Apple received approval for the iPhone 6 to tap into the country’s domestic frequencies. Though the retailers still didn’t started offerings as it was not yet confirmed officially by the government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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China is a lucrative market for Apple. It sold a record number of iPhone 5S units in the country during 2013’s fourth quarter. China also accounted for 16 percent of Apple’s $37.4 billion sales last quarter.

Analysts also don’t see the new smart watch to gain an unusual market share as their sale is expected to reach just 12 million units for fiscal 2015. The prices of AppleWatch are set high without the full exploration of its features.

It’s estimated that there will be $7 billion incremental iPhone revenue and eliminating $4 billion of iPad revenue, which implies a net addition of an incremental $2.4 billion of gross profit dollars, with respect to the earlier estimations.

The new mobile payments feature is also not expected to be high earning but it may probably effect positively, the sale of iPhones and Apple Watch.

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