Apple Launches iSight camera replacement program for iPhone 6 Plus

Did you had any issue with rear camera on your Apple iPhone 6 Plus? No need to worry anymore as Apple has launched the iSight camera replacement program. Apple has finally launched the cure for its users those having some bad experience with the rear camera on iPhone 6 Plus. The large device that featured the shift into Apple’s traditional concept of smartphone size arrived into market last year.

The device with its several advantages over the other market players also got some issues within. The issue experienced with the main camera of iPhone 6 Plus was listed among the few red spots. Now the users are left with the iSight to check it out on their device and hopefully they will feel relived afterword.

It is not first time, as Apple has been too quick to get the spots that appeared over the performance of its costly devices. The iSight is launched with the same spirit to replace company’s camera module and enhance the smooth performance.

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Apple has also updated the support page to give an insight into the launched camera replacement program. According to details the issue was reported with a certain range of iPhone 6 Plus. The devices are included those sold right after the devices arrival to first month of this year. With the issue some of the camera functions of iPhone 6 Plus are reportedly fail to work that results in blurry effects on snaps.

ISight Camera fix for iPhone 6 Plus

Apple also offers the package without charges for those users who reported the issue with eligible serial numbered iPhone 6 Plus device. Such user can have the replacement program at stores for free. The program made available it authorized retail stores and at service providers.

Certain users reported the issue soon after the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Initially the issue was related to the optical image stabilization but now there seem to be a permanent solution. You can go to Apple Site, where Apple has a dedicated section, to start the procedure to get the issue fixed.

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