Apple Launches Magnetic Apple Watch Dock For $79

Following rumors after leaked images, Apple finally take a step forward to make the Magnetic Apple Watch Dock a reality. The new magnetic charging dock for Apple Watch is now made official with a price tag of $79. Here’s a firsthand account of guys who managed to get a hand on the official magnetic Apple Watch dock.

The magnetic Apple Watch Dock is made classy with elegant looks to match with looks of your Apple Watch. But things are not about the looks and external beauty. The dock comes with a functional design to carry you Watch in either flat of nightstand mode. You can place your watch for charging on the dock in either way. A 2meter lightning cable is also accompanying the dock that you can attach to its base.

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Magnetic Apple Watch Dock

As we find in a video showing the magnetic Apple Watch Dock unboxing the package comes with complete accessories all assembles to make it a stylish peace. The video also shows you in real time how to set its orientations in either flat or nightstand mode.

The details are limited to judge the arrival of dock to the would-be users in many regions. However the US users were offered the accessory with a short delay. Following the reports Apple made it out on the official website for the US market. The dock is also expected to get reach to the Apple Watch users by November 20 without any further delay.

There are some reasons to expect Apple to push it faster to customers. As the magnetic Dock for Apple Watch is out officially Apple would not want to miss this holiday shopping season which is just ahead. Many of the Apple Watch owners have expressed their enthusiasm and will probably look for the magnetic charging dock while shopping this holiday. Thus with a little wait you can get your Apple Watch setting on the new stylish magnetic Dock.

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