Apple Live Photos feature will eat up your storage of iPhone 6S

Apple alongside its fresh announcements brought some nice improvements over camera capabilities of its iPhone 6S. Its new camera features include an entertaining and powerful one dubbed as Apple Live Photos. The feature provides iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users plenty of tools that can add fun into snaps. But with a lot of fun tools the Live Photos feature can consume a big part of your device storage.

The feature is made to assist your camera functions and give you the best shoot for editing. Using the new feature you device will start auto shooting video with beeps that sound before and after the shoot. With effects included the size of captured file will exceeds too much than the usual file size.  Thus with a single capture you may come up with complaints.

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Photos with editing effects capture more storage, it is obvious to all. But it raises concerns about the full use of newly introduced feature. As iPhone 6S like other iPhone models come with storage restriction many users may not be able to use the feature at its full capacity. Especially all those iPhone users who are looking for the 16 GB models will face much trouble when using Apple Live Photos. A considerable part of iPhone storage is already occupied by its big iOS with heavy system files.

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Unlike the 16GB iPhone 6S users others with 64GB or the higher 128GB are less likely to face any issue with Apple Live Photos. You can capture a number of high size snaps and videos with sufficient storage of both latter iPhone 6S models. But still there are some options which can assist you if you are on low storage device or just want it off. The feature is on by default but you can turn it off in device settings. If you are concerned about the storage range of your iPhone 6S you can turn it off, and remain relax.

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