Apple Pauses iOS 9.3 Update For Old iPad and iPhones, iPad 2 Users’ Received New OS Build

iOS 9.3 update

Apple has confirmed the previous rumors that the new iOS 9.3 update has some issues with the older iOS devices. And, now the company is pulling the update away from the selected devices which are on threat due to it.

Apple has explained that updating the older devices, including the iPhone 5S and the older and the iPad Air and older, can require customers to enter the Apple ID and password originally used while set up. In case the user has forgotten the information, he will be barred from updating the device. The Cupertino giant has also explained that the update has been removed from the specific devices and a new version will soon be coming for those who are unaware of their initial setup credentials.

“Updating some iOS devices (iPhone 5s and earlier and iPad Air and earlier) to iOS 9.3 can require entering the Apple ID and password used to set up the device in order to complete the software update. In some cases, if customers do not recall their password, their device will remain in an inactivated state until they can recover or reset their password. For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of iOS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step.”

iOS 9.3 update

Earlier this week, when the issue surfaced many people believed that it was only the result of excess number of users activating the device at once. However, the reason is now clear. If you are one of those who are facing this issue, Apple has suggested a solution for you;

  • Sign in to com from a computer. In case you have forgotten your ID, you need to reset your Apple ID password.
  • Open Settings and scroll to the My Devices section.
  • Confirm that your device is listed in the My Devices section. If you don’t see it listed, check all your accounts.

Apart from the procedure mentioned above, that who own iPad Air 2 and have issues, Apple has released a new build of the OS for the device. Carrying build number 13E236, the update has started to come towards the iPad 2 users. This new build of iOS 9.3 for the iPad 2 is 13E236, while the version released earlier this week was 13E234 on iPhone and 13E233 on iPad.

Those who own iPad 2 can update to the new software by plugging their iPad into iTunes. They can also opt for Settings option and by navigating to the software update; they can easily update the device. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Read about our Affiliates Disclosure Policy here.

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